Brand New Massage Parlour

“Massage service amazing!! They knew exactly how to treat my sling and also have me some good advice on treating it! They are very knowledgeable and has a nice touch! MUST SEE!”

Richard Douglas

“The office staff are very polite, patient, and helpful! The masseuses were all great that I’ve had at this location. They really knew how to hit the muscle knots to make me feel better. I always felt comfortable going there and never had a bad experience.”

Evelyn Watson

“I had an amazing massage from a masseuses, I will definitely come back to see her. I was weary to receive my first massage but she made me feel comfortable and her energy was great. Very professional and I feel amazing. Thank you Summer massage”

Charles Cooper

“Always very professional and listens to needs. Affordable as well. I have been getting massages 1-4 times a month for years in various cities in the country this is the best value  a great massage. “

Crystal Little
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